Meditation yoga in Nepal

Meditation yoga in Nepal:Yoga is a spiritual way to Liberation and Self-Realization. It enlivens your mind, uplifts your soul, takes you on a higher level of self awakening and takes you on a union one with the God himself. The word “Yoga” derived from Sanskrit language means to yoke or to join the body, mind, and spirit into a unity and an experience Oneness. Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha and home to the Himalayas. This makes Nepal a premier Spiritual Destination in the World for Yoga and Meditation. Some of the finest training are available in Nepal including casual classes and/or long-term training.

Yoga lovers and mediators come from all over the world come to Nepal to deepen their practice and attain higher knowledge in meditation and yoga practices.  Advanced yoga practitioners will enjoy a challenging practice that helps them reach even higher levels of spiritual connection and insight. We welcome both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.The meditation opportunities in Nepal are among the finest in the world, and our experts are here to help you facilitate the finest yoga or meditation amidst a majestic natural retreat in the laps of the Himalayas.

We are very pleased to feature a wide variety of yoga techniques and schools, various ashrams and meditation styles, focusing on the traditions of Buddha and the active meditations of contemporary Enlightened Master Osho who understood the challenges as well as the psychology of contemporary men and women on the path of awakening.Plan now to join our advanced yoga teachers and meditation facilitators. Yoga is practiced in the mystical jungles and foothills of the Himalayan Mountains where natural forces aid your mental and spiritual awakening.

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