Lower Dolpo Trekking

Lower Dolpo trekking region lies in central west part of Nepal which is covered by the Shey – Phoksundo National Park. Lower Dolpo Trekking is also known for off the beaten trek. Trekkers get wonderful time to visit a landscape, culture and life style which is far different than any other parts in Nepal.

Dolpo region is known as most remote and neglected part of Nepal, however with its mysterious nature and hidden misery, the region is still favorite destination for the trekkers. Lower Dolpo trekking region is inhabitant of various endangered wildlife such as blue sheep, ghoral, musk deer and snow leopard. Lower Dolpo trekking will not give an experience of spectacular views of high Himalayas; however you could experience the high altitude scenario and clear water of Shey – Phoksundo Lake. This is only the moderate trekking in Dolpo region.

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