UNESCO World Heritage Sites -Nepal

Among 830 properties listend as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, 10 properties are located in Nepal. As a country famous for its diverse Culture , Tradition, Heritage and Natural Beautiy, Nepal has 8 cultural properties and 2 natural properties listed as the World Heritage Site for its historic, cultural and ecological value not just for the localites but also for the people around the world.

Kathmandu- World’s Best Tourist Destination

Kathmandu- World’s Best Tourist Destination: Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu also famous with the name “City of Temples”, has been listed as one of the most famous tourist destinations in the whole world by the famous Online Trip Advisor. Considering the reviews of Tourist from all around the globe Trip Advisor every year lists the Traveller’s Choice 25 Best Destinations in the World. The famous Trip Advisor has listed Kathmandu on the 19th Top Destination in the World.

Fly like a Bird – Paragliding

Paragliding in Nepal is an incredible awe-inspiring experience for the adventure seeker. This Paragliding trip will take you over some of the best scenery on earth, as you share airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures, eagles, kites and float over villages, monasteries, temples, lakes and jungle, with a fantastic view of the majestic Himalayas of the central Nepal including with Annapurna range and Dhaulagiri.

Experience the World’s Longest Free Fall

The ultimate thrilling experience full of excitement and rush in Nepal at Nepal’s first and the most famous site for Bungee jump which is less than 3 hours bus drive outside of Kathmandu Valley. Located at 160 m (500 ft) over the Bhote Koshi River, this is World’s longest free-fall. The jump takes place on a 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhote Koshi River Gorge.