Specialities of Tiji Festival

Tiji Festival is an annual event and a famous festival celebrated to chase away demons from the sacred land of Upper Mustang. Tiji tells the story of a deity named Dorje Jono who had to protect his kingdom from his own demon father who was feeding on the humans and creating a shortage of water in Upper Mustang. Tiji festival is celebrated to invoke the mighty Dorje Jono to remove any obstacle out of the way.

Tiji Festival usually takes place at the Lo-Manthang, at the capital of Upper Mustang, also known as the former Tibetan Kingdom of Lo. Witnessing this famous colorful festival will savor you by the beautiful multiple dances, dramas, and acts performed by the local monks presenting themselves in the colorful, traditional and flamboyant robes and masks. The drama performed there will show the victory of good over evil and the god over the demon.

Witnessing the unrolling of ancient Thangka painting of Guru Rinpoche will make one’s life prosperous and happy. The drums play and chants of prayers by the local Chode Monks and the general public with the different cultural and traditional attire makes the ambiance truly delightful. Women, children and all the local present themselves at their best with colorful costumes and jewelry. The celebration of the festival takes place in front of the palace of the king of the Mustang. The king is still revered by the people to this day.

Horse riding and giant-tug-of-war are the most significant festival sports that capture your mind.

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