What is Tiji Festival?

Tiji Festival is a spring-renewal festival that is celebrated in the Lo Manthang region of Upper Mustang. This festival is a 3-day long purification ritual that is celebrated on the victory of good over evil.

Tiji comes from the words ‘Tempa Chirim’ which means ‘Prayer for World Peace’. Different dances are graciously performed during the 3-day celebration.

Tiji festival generally occurs during the end of the dry season so as to welcome the Monsoon season in the dry land to bring water resource in the Mustang region. The myth of the festival lies between the battle of son Dorje Jono and his father. The son had to protect his kingdom against his demon father who was creating a water deficit in the dry land of Mustang.

It is believed that after he banished his father from the Kingdom, the monsoon was parched in the land of Mustang providing people enough water for their survival. This story is elaborately performed by monks from the Chode Monastery at Lo Manthang by the monks presenting themselves in traditional cultural customs with masks.

You can also witness the unrolling of the ancient thangka. The local people believe that witnessing this local thangka brings peace and prosperity in the lives of people. The drama, act, and dance performed during this festival chase away demons and evil souls making Mustang a livable and an aspiring region to live in.

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