5 Great Destination for River Rafting in Nepal

If you are the fond of white water rafting and searching for some great destination to enjoy white water rafting, then Nepal suits your desire to have adventurous white water rafting. Nepal, itself a second richest country in water resources ans is packed with several places suitable for rafting and other water sport activities. So, anyone can have an unusual lively trip to Nepal and lots of fun times together with his family and friends.

Nepal has several places to choose from where one can fully enjoy exciting whitewater rafting activities.

Whitewater rafting is a kind of sport where in an inflatable rubber boat carries people sturdily down a river with its really robust waters. As a rule the stronger the waters are, the more fun and exciting the whole rafting would be. That is why people look for places with long rivers running on a mountain slope or a high level going down roughly. Though it sounds a bit dangerous, it is a fun sport especially for the whitewater rafting aficionados. One is always advisable to wear the right gears and equipments when doing whitewater rafting to avoid sudden accidents and is wise to go take an expert rafter to guide them along.

The best five whitewater rafting Nepal has to offer:

Seti River

It is a part of Nepal’s Gandaki River that is also called Kaligandaki by the locals. The river is best to visit any time of the year so one can enjoy whitewater rafting here any time that will suit them. One can also get pleasure from seeing the beautiful mountain sceneries of the Annapurna South that will surely fascinate everyone. With only UD$60 a person, one can have fun to the fullest while doing what they love in the country of Nepal.

Marsyangdi River:

It is also part of the wonderful Gandaki River where in its waters arise from the northern slope of of the Annapurna, mountain which then flows eastward, and joins with Trishuli, another river in Mugling. The raging river has beautiful vast boulders which are great in steep rapids. The Marsyangdi River is a best place and recommended for experts in rafting and kayaking. The average fee here is from US$220, and can be visited any time of the year.

Karnali River

Karnali River is considered as the longest river in Nepal, where one can enjoy rafting for hours with its dramatic flow of water which rafters love. One can have fun rafting for 180 kilometers from the Karnali all the way to Chisapani, on the northern part of the Royal Bardiya National Park. Visit Karnali any time of the year with US$550 fee, and have the ost amazing whitewater rafting experience ever.

Sunkoshi River

It is called the river of gold by its locals. Sunkoshi is one of the top ten list of the best whitewater rafting all over the world which makes it famous for all the rafters worldwide. The river is surrounded with forests and has giant boulders making the rafting a lot fun and more exciting. Everyone can visit here all year round and enjoy whitewater rafting with their teams. With just US$350, one can enjoy rafting at its best.

Trishuli River

It is also part of the Gandaki river system, which is very famous for it has a way in to the Prithvi Highway. Trishuli is recommended and an ideal place for beginners in whitewater rafting. One can enjoy river rafting here for up to three days at any time of the year. With a fee of only US$25, everyone will surely have fun rafting in Trishuli.

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