About Us

About Us

Trekking Top Nepal is uniquely different in Nepali marketplace with our tours specialised not only in nature’s beauty but also on spirituality.

Besides, exploring Nepal’s hidden gem and traversing the Sangri La, Trekking Top Nepal offers a wide variety of ancient, modern trips and meditation programs.

Also, we help you to customize your meaningful experiences yourself. What we believe is, Trekking Top Nepal aspires to combine the radical adventure and deep meditation for a life-enhancing peak experience, not just another vacation.


Get ready to be thrilled; Travel with Trekking Top Nepal

Being native to Nepal with over 13 years of experience, Trekking Top Nepal, is the Nepal’s first as well as best tour and travel operator.

Trekking Top Nepal will show you all the secrets of this magnificent country; the best climbs, the most beautiful trails, the most convenient starting points for river rafting, the most powerful temples and meditation programs, the best hidden wildlife sanctuaries and what not. With expeditions and flights to the summit of Everest, you can enjoy most-sought-after trekking destinations towards the Everest Base Camp Trekking as well as Annapurna region.

With our National Park/Safari Tours tour you will see the Bengal Tiger conservatory and the protected white Rhino; on our tour of Kathmandu city tours, you can enjoy many historic temples, sacred sites as depicted by the eclectic mix by Kathmandu. For more, you can explore more sections in this website too.

We want you to experience the best of Nepal

Trekking Top Nepal helps you determine the best tour package for you, out of many options available. For example, during hikes and walks, you may want to lodge overnight at a comfortable tea house, or you may prefer a long-term wilderness camping experience. Trekking Top Nepal has it managed for you all according to your needs and comfort.

We serve what you ask for

We enjoy working with all people, groups or individuals, couples or families. Our team assists guests of all ages, athletic or casual, at a challenging or easy pace. With us you can craft your tours with exact specifications. Be sure to let us know about your preferences. Also, we are under price competitors, and managed to exceed your expectations with best customer services, reliability, and dependability.

If you are visiting Nepal in 2020, you can simply drop a line to us. We would be more happy to reply you back.