The legendary Annapurna region is the most diverse and popular trekking area in Nepal. As the name suggests, the centerpiece of this part of Nepal is the range of mountains that includes Annapurna I, the first of the 8,000 m peaks to be climbed. Also included in this region is yet another 8,000 m giant, Dhaulagiri, which is located west of Annapurna I.

Views of lush, fertile farmland and undisturbed natural forest, snow-covered mountains, and encounters with a mixture of many ethnic communities, all add up to a diverse range of experiences that make the Annapurna trek one of the most satisfying treks among all destinations in Nepal.

The Annapurna chain of mountains lies inland causing a large area including Manang and Mustang to fall in the rain shadow, where the ideal time for trekking is during the monsoon as there is no rainfall in these areas.

These parts are considerably drier than the southern slopes of the mountains. This leads to an arid landscape that is desertlike and very different from regions lower down where there are green pastures and fertile farmland.

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