Around Helambu Trekking

Around Helambu trekking starts from the outskirts of Kathmandu valley either from the Sundarijal or Melamchi Pul. Helambu trekking offers wide range of culture and natural beauties. The main ethnic peoples living in Helambu region are Tamangs, Bhotias and Yolmus. Around Helambu trekking is comparatively shortest and easiest trek available nearby Kathmandu.

Despite being so close with Capital city of Nepal, Helambu region is still categorized as unspoiled trekking destination of Nepal.  The most notable thing of Helambu region is its culture i.e. Hyolmo culture.

Helambu trekking lies around the Langtang region and the climatic condition is much favorable for any range of trekkers. This is due to fact that the elevation for trekking lies between 800m to 3600m and temperature remains warmer. Moreover, the trekking offers the visit of the Langtang valley which is aptly called ” the valley of glaciers”. The Langtang valley offers pine forest, slow moving rivers and swift mountain streams, rugged rock and snow-capped peaks, grassy downs and meadows strewn with daisies and wild primulas.

The most important benefit of around Helambu trekking is that the trekking region is less crowded & free from noise in comparison to the Annapurna trek and some parts of the Everest treks.

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