Interesting Facts on Nepal | Everything you need to know

Nepal is home to the only living Goddess, Kumari, Birth place of Lord Buddha, 8 out of 14 world highest mountains lies in Nepal Including Mount. Everest, Nepal Was Never Under Any Foreign Invasion, World’s Longest freefall is in Nepal, World’s steepest, fastes ad longest zip linner is in Nepal, Nepal was once known as the weed country…

Nagchu Horse Racing Festival Tour

Nagchu Horse Racing Festival is the grandest annual event in northern Tibet. Tens of thousands of herdsmen gather on the vast grassland dotted with tents to enjoy the horse riding competition, yak race, tug of war, stone-lifting and Tibetan operas. August is the golden season for tourists to sightsee the vast and beautiful green grassland covered by flower. During this time, the grass is the tallest and the weather is most accommodating to those who enjoy the great outdoors. This festival is also an exhibition and trading of local stuff among Tibetan people.

Gyantse Horse Racing Festival Tour

Gyantse Horse Racing Festival was initiated back 500 years ago for consecrating the Gyantse Prince Gungsang Rabten.Initialy it was mainly for religious events, and later on evolved to horse race as a predominating event and it spread over to Lhasa, Changtang and Gongbo, etc. The festival involves horse racing and archery contests, as well as wrestling, Tibetan Opera, music and dancing, track and field, and ball games. Tibetan people from different areas dressed in unique costumes gather at Gyantse to watch horsemanship, archery, Tibetan opera, Tibetan singing and dancing show, yak race and so forth. Along with this, there is a swap meet and an open market to buy authentic Tibetan crafts goods and a picnic where you can try the Tibetan food.

Shoton Festival Tour

Shoton Festival is one of the grandest tranditional festivals in Tibet. Shoton Festival is namely a feast day to have yogurt. This ‘yogurt festival’ was originally an utterly religious event, starting in mid-11th century. At that time, people sacrifice yogurt to monasteries. Since late 17th century, it had become an important festival with Tibetan opera and thangka unfolding ceremony, backed up by entertainment and religion activities. Although Shoton Festival is held in every late June or early July of Tibetan calendar, appointed Tibetan opera parties from different parts has get ready for the big day early one month ago.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites -Nepal

Among 830 properties listend as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, 10 properties are located in Nepal. As a country famous for its diverse Culture , Tradition, Heritage and Natural Beautiy, Nepal has 8 cultural properties and 2 natural properties listed as the World Heritage Site for its historic, cultural and ecological value not just for the localites but also for the people around the world.