For Kathmanduties planning a weekend getaway, it would be fitting to vouch that Balthali is among suitable destinations. For first-timers, this village situated Southeast of Kathmandu in Kavrepalanchowk district sounds like any other village; that is until you gather the enthusiasm to actually make it there.

The place, Balthali, itself is not as mainstream as Nagarkot or Dhulikhel and this is its attraction, for you will not be distracted by droves of visitors spoiling the tranquility of the place offers. The village is surrounded by visual delights of lush green terrace farms, orange plantations, pine forests and wild flowers in full bloom. Tamang villages with their beautiful houses dot the landscape and the inhabitants in their daily lives reminisce the remains of a bygone era.

The sunrise is grand and the surrounding view with the lifting fog looked absolutely fantastic. The sensation of fresh air was a reminder of what we had been missing in the city. From hiking and horse-riding to fishing in nearby streams the choices are plenty. In fact; the Lonely Planet describes the Balthali trek to be among the ‘world’s best short hikes without altitude’.