Bhutan Cultural Heartland Tour

Bhutan is the landlocked country which is situated in the South Asian at the eastern end of the Himalayan. Bhutan has got the variety range from Subtropical plains in the south part and the Subalpine Himalayan. Bhumtang is generally known as the Cultural Heartland and this Bhumtang cultural heartland  tour offers the explore around the temples, chorten and monastery as well as the route passes through the several traditional village, blue pine forest and mountain of clean cane.

Bhutan Cultural Heartland Tour offers the chance to experience the remote life of the local people and their beautiful handicrafts industry. This tour in Bhutan is design for the visitors who want to enjoy the nature with the beautiful views of the mountain. Cultural Heartlands tour offers one of the most experience opportunities to experience the vibrant religion, unique arts, heritage and scenic grandeur, with this trip you can have a great and unforgettable holiday in Bhutan.

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