Bhutan Tour Packages are the most suitable packages in recent years. The dragon kingdom of Bhutan is the largest Himalayan kingdom which is full of mystery and magic, where a traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global developments.

Bhutan tour packages hold many surprises. There are amazingly beautiful snow-capped peaks arises above appealing coniferous forests. Not only this, but Bhutan also showcases the monasteries, gompas those are built in the middle of sloppy and rocky landscapes featuring unique architectures and designs. In Bhutan, people eat red rice and chilies are not used just for seasoning but also as a main dish. The average costs for foreign visitors to Bhutan cost USD $250 per day making Bhutan one of the expensive destinations in the globe.

Bhutan trip packages have been gradually getting an eye of tourists in recent years. Most popular packages in Bhutan include sightseeing, mountain biking, Gumba visit, countryside hiking and so forth. You can book your trip with Trekking Top Nepal. 

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