Bhutan, “the kingdom of gross happiness” or “The land of The Thunder Dragon” is today’s one of the most renowned tourist destinations. Famous for its enchanting natural beauty and rich Buddhist Culture, Bhutan is truly blessed with divinity.
Gently caressed under the protective shade of the Himalayas, Bhutan is a Shangri-la, landlocked high between China and India. With 72 percent of the total land under dense forest, Bhutan has a total area of 38,394 square km. and is truly a tree-hugger’s paradise, an environmentalist’s dream come true and a traveler’s eternal bliss.
Bhutanese terrains begin from the sub-tropical plains as low as 240 meters to the sub-alpine Himalayas, 7541 meters above sea level, kindly sheltering a number of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. Elevated approximately 2350 m above the sea level, the capital Thimpu, is a splendor of Bhutanese history of ancient art, architecture and folk heritage blended smoothly with the abundance of natural wonders. Slowly opening its way to the modern world, the vibrant culture and the traditional lifestyle of the Bhutanese breathes life to the country’s soul that Bhutanese take great pride in. Blissfully enriched with the essence of Buddhism, Bhutan deeply treasures the harmony it maintains with the nature and values the life of all sentient beings, not just humans, as sacred and priceless.
Venture through this mystical land and mesmerize your senses in this enchanted share of the earth, gliding your way through the beautiful hills and mountain passes, immerse yourself in the magnificent grandeur of what Bhutan has to selflessly offer.
Slide through our tour packages that will take you on a spiritual, cultural and mystical experience of Bhutan. Savor the richness of this pristine land and discover the legacy beyond. We hope we can be the guiding path that walks with you on your journey to this blessed Buddhist kingdom. This vacation, live some priceless moments of your life in this Promised Land, live it the Shangri-la way.

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