Great Himalaya Trail on Map.
Great Himalaya Trail | Quick Overview Great Himalaya Trail on Map. Starting and ending points: Kanchenjunga on Nepal’s eastern border with India and Humla on its western border with Tibet Total distance: Nearly 1,700 kilometers (1,056 miles) Number of Sections: 10 Shortest Section: Langtang (18 days) Longest Section: From Makalu Go ahead
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Weekends escapes from Kathmandu in Winter | Kalinchowk
Escapes around Kathmandu? YES! Kathmandu is a valley and hence surrounded by several hills, National parks, and human settlements. We can easily roam circling the valley for a day or even more. Kathmandu also sometimes touted as ‘Catmandu’ is a crazy, chaotic, historic, spiritual, haphazard, enticing and vibrant city of Go ahead
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Tika and Jamara | The biggest festival of Nepal.
Dashain Festival of Nepal is one of the most important Hindu festivals which is celebrated all over the country in a delightful way.  The 15 days long festival usually falls in the month of September or October. It starts from bright lunar fortnight (Shukla Paksha) and terminates on the day Go ahead
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Best time to travel/visit Nepal | Trekking Top Nepal
Best time to visit Nepal? Yes! Though Nepal is touted as the best spot to visit in all seasons, there are few pros and cons of all seasons. Most importantly, September-November has few perks of traveling one should not miss.Best time to visit Nepal – Autumn Season Normally we can Go ahead
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Nirmal Purja, Nims Dai posing for the photo on the to of high Himalayas!
Nims Dai or Nirmal Purja Magar! Have you heard the name Nirmal Purja before? If you are totally into climbing and expedition or you are an enthusiast, you must have listened. Do you know the world record for climbing the world’s 14 tallest peaks? It is for almost eight years. Go ahead
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