Monsoon generally comprises the month of June, July, and August in Nepal. There is a high chance of raining all day during monsoon so normally people do not prefer to do outdoor activities in Nepal during these months. It is wondrous to experience top 5 best monsoon activities in Nepal
When you think of Nepal, the first thing that probably comes in your mind might be the highest glistening peaks. At least, it does to mine! Besides, shimmering high hills, Nepal offers the best white water rafting in the world.  Nepal is beyond the Himalayas. It is well-known that Nepal
As we know, Nepal’s diverse geography offers a plethora of trekking and hiking choices. Though Nepal is open to all four seasons, Spring Season is the best one. The span of March-April-May is just WOW. While planning a visit to Nepal, there are few things to consider while trekking in
People dancing in Upper Mustang on the occasion of
As there are more than 125 ethnic groups having multiple dialects in Nepal, it is rich in the cultural facet. When it comes to, festivals in the Himalayas, an introduction to Tiji festival is the must. Tiji Festival is a spring-renewal festival celebrated in the Lo Manthang region of Upper
Tiji Festival is an annual event and a famous festival celebrated to chase away demons from the sacred land of Upper Mustang. Tiji tells the story of a deity named Dorje Jono who had to protect his kingdom from his own demon father who was feeding on the humans and