Trishuli river rafting is grade III white river rafting in Nepal and is suitable for any range of adventurous lovers. Trishuli river rafting is most popular river rafting in Nepal because of its impressive gorges, exciting rapids, some easier sections, and easily accessible from Kathmandu and Pokhara.Moreover the rafting in Trishuli Go ahead
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Sun Koshi river rafting is the classical white water rafting in Nepal and is rated as top 10 river rafting destination in the World. It is the longest white water rafting in Nepal which follows the about 270 km distance form snow-capped mountain to many remote part of Nepal. Sun Go ahead
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Aqua Birds Watching Unlimited Camp is the first eco-lodge bird watching campaign in Nepal which was approved by Green Globe Organization. The camping site spreed across the 10 acres of private pristine wetlands situated on the border of Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve. This tour package offers excellent tented camps with Go ahead
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Nepal is most famous for its dramatic mountains, the starkly beautiful flat lands offer an exceptional wildlife experience.  The “Terai” flat lands belt of southern Nepal is home to Chitwan National Park and its spectacular jungles, wildlife, birds, and native plants.   The Jungle Safari at Chitwan, only 150m above the Go ahead
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Mt. Nuptse shares its beauty along with the amazing views of Everest. From Tangboche, it looks like the Mt. Nuptse as massive wall guarding Mt. Everest. The name Nup-tse is Tibetan name which means the West Peak. The peak lies two kilometers west of Mt. Everest. Mt. Nuptse is crowned by Go ahead
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