Chitwan Jungle Safari Nepal

Nepal is most famous for its dramatic mountains, the starkly beautiful flat lands offer an exceptional wildlife experience.  The “Terai” flat lands belt of southern Nepal is home to Chitwan National Park and its spectacular jungles, wildlife, birds, and native plants.   The Jungle Safari at Chitwan, only 150m above the sea level, offers a contrasting adventure to mountaineering.  No visit to Nepal is complete without the Chitwan experience, a MUST SEE!  The tigers await you!

Established in 1973, Chitwan National Park is one of the very best parks in Nepal. The diverse flora and fauna are easily seen year-round, with each season offering its special delight. During the March-June season, a mysterious sun-lit fog covers the land.  The short grass time of Feb-May offers the best game-viewing season, and the autumn months are the best time to see gorgeous Himalayan views.

Bring your camera!  On our Chitwan Jungle Safari, you may see a one-horned rhino, royal Bengal tiger, wild elephant, deer, wild boar, sloth bear, leopard, bison, or jackal.  Many reptiles including the gharial crocodile live there, as do many species of the birds including hornbill, lesser florican, paradise flycatcher, and others.  A photographer’s haven, Chitwan is easily accessible, linked by river, highway, and air transport, with regular flights, river rafting, and car/tourist bus service from Kathmandu and Pokhara.  Please let us know your transportation preference.

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