Cho Oyu Expedition

Cho Oyu expedition is second most popular expedition in Tibet after Everest Expedition. Cho Oyu peak was first climbed by the small Austrian/Tibetan groups in 1954. Cho Oyu expedition from Tibet side is technically most easier to climb than others eight thousanders.  However the peak technically less difficult, one must required an experience of high altitude climbing.

Climbing Cho Oyu starts from the west ridge i.e. west face in Tibet which has only two short technical section. Our journey to Cho Oyu expedition starts from Kathmandu from where we travel overland to the border town of Kodari or fly to Lhasa after securing Tibetan visas. Here we will meet with our Tibetan staff and journey started with Land cruiser to Base Camp. En route to Base Camp, we stop and stay overnight at Tingri to help acclimatize. During Cho Oyu climbing we will setup Advanced Base Camp at 5800 meters followed by Camp I at 6500 meters, Camp II at 7100 meters and finally Camp III at 7400 meters.

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