Cholatse Peak Climbing

In Tibetan language Cholatse can be understood by Cho means Lake, La means pass and Tse means peak. That is why literally Cholatse means “Lake Pass peak”. There is a lake just below the peak. The Cholatse peak was first climbed passing through the southwest ridge on April 22, 1982 by Vern Clevenger, Galen Rowell, John Rowell and Bill O’Connor as well as Cholatse from the north face was successfully climbed in 1984.

Cholatse peak is comparatively very hard to climb than some of the other trekking peak and higher mountain in Nepal. Cholatse peak is a dazzling peak with narrow snow and ice rim and steep faces. This peak climbing is linked to Taboche(6,501m) by a long point. The trail offers the Chola glacier by moving downward to the east face as well as the north and east faces of Cholatse can be views from Dughla on the path to Everest Base Camp. The trail passes through the Sherpa village and the trekkers want to follow their path between the Gokya and khumbu valley. Before doing the climbing in the peak you will be trained and day free to make you familiar with the high-altitude, mentally and physically prepared.

Everyone cannot successes to climb this peak. This is one of the difficult ways to reach or come back from its summit. Single climbing to this peak is impossible without any expert mountaineering guide and with proper equipment for climbing.

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