Places to visit in Nepal | Mesmerising eyeshots of Hilly Pastures!

Places to visit in Nepal? Of course! The real world Sangri-La, Nepal offers any wandering soul with dozens of awe-inspiring places that should not be missed. While undergoing trekking, hiking, biking, kayaking and so forth, you can tick-off many majestic spots in and around Nepal. 

Nepal should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is by no means pure adventure, but it is something that will stay with you for life. In a weird sort of a way it felt like a pilgrimage; standing small amongst ‘gods’ and worshipping what a wonderful world we live in. Somehow everything else seems to pale into insignificance when looking at it like that.

– by Ed Farelly

Here in this list, we have mentioned must-visit as well as most-visited places in Nepal. You can go thoroughly and have basic insights on the most-sought-after trekking and traveling destinations inside Nepal