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Explore Nepal Tour is an ideal introduction to the republic of Nepal, combining mountain majesty and ancient mystery.  Join us for a leisurely tour of Nepal’s most beautiful sights, in and around Kathmandu, Gorkha Durbar, and the lake and mountain views of Pokhara.   First we explore the ancient-modern city of Kathmandu, rich in history and culture.  Famous for its many World Heritage Sites, Kathmandu is home to numerous world-famous temples, stupas and pagodas, as well as the city’s beautiful light, colorful streets, and mysterious faces.  Visitors love the medieval atmosphere of the surrounding Kathmandu Valley.   Next, we tour Nagarkot, the famous panoramic viewpoint of the Himalayan range.  Heading west to the beautiful village of Pokhara, set in a subtropical valley, we walk in the hills beneath the mighty Annapurna, a favorite of mountaineers all over the world.

Enjoy this dazzling tour of some of the worlds’ most majestic mountains and sacred shrines.  Experience the sheer charm of Nepal’s culture, and meet the cheerful people thriving at the foothills of the mighty Himalaya.

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