Freak Streets in Kathmandu

Old Freak Street in Kathmandu, near Basantapur Durbar Square

To the south of renowned Kathmandu Durbar Square, there lies a narrow alley which is called ‘Old Freak Street‘, in Jhochhen Tole. In the 1960s and 70s,  hippies made it all the way to Nepal from several nations to this place. Hence, the name; Old Freak Street in Kathmandu!

Old Freak Street is a small street located at the southern part of Thamel near to the famous Kathmandu Durbar Square.  It is the nickname of Jhochhen Tole(pronounced as ‘Jos-Se’).

This is famous for its historical significance. It was commonly known as hippie trail culture during 1960-70s where the government of Nepal ran marijuana and hashish shops. During those periods, the Nepal government legalized marijuana. As this activity was banned, the economy of the freak street collapsed, so the tourism was slid towards right beside of this street ‘Thamel’. Then, the government solely focuses the trekking and hiking in Nepal. No doubt!  Nepal is home to some of the highest mountains in the world.

Nowadays, the is the same as other streets where many people live in, carry out their business, go to school and roam around.

Walking around the Old Freak Street in Kathmandu, Nepal

Freak Street in Kathmandu
A photo showing a souvenirs shop in Freak Street of Kathmandu.

As you walk out of the Kathmandu Durbar Square, you will be taking your footsteps to the traditional Newari alley. The Newari community entails stones slabs covered with full of eateries and souvenirs shop in Freak Street. The economy is the freak street has taken the next level, where you can get to see lots of local shops. They sell handicrafts, jewelry, clothes, kitchen materials, home furnishes, map houses, local restaurants and some of the world-class restaurants as well. Also, it is where you can get to taste completely new foods. Some of the famous restaurants serve Hukkas if you are fond of it.

Freak Street in Kathmandu is the first and last place of your Nepal visit. So, if you wish to buy souvenirs, we recommend the periphery around it.

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