Ghalegaun Village Trekking

Ghalegau Village Trekking is Located in the Northern part of Lamjung District, in Uttar Kanya VDC, Ghalegaun is approximately 205 km northwest of Kathmandu and 125 km north east of Pokhara and is situated approximately 2,070 meters from the sea level. It is mainly Gurung settlements promoting unique village tourism. Their community is hospitability for the guest. Ghalegaun trekking helps to promotions of village tourism in Nepal. Ghalegaun offers the opportunity for village tour and village treks. As a Ghalegaun trekking makes you pleasant and memorable of local villagers. It is a village for the typical culture and lifestyle of Gurung people of the village. This village tour offers to know and learns the rural life of people.Gurung is a tribe people with their own language, dress, culture, food, and festivals. Gurung people are friendly and their hospitality is remarkable. Here is monastery also to have culture promote. The traditional dancing and singing program will provide in the evening. They have the rich dress for woman and man, culture and festivals. You can see how to make local wine (Napa) by millet and enjoy with drinking it. In this village, you can enjoy the local Nepali food. Local handicraft is also available here too.The main occupation of Gurung people are agriculture, recruiting the army in India and UK and other trades. You can experience the typical culture and lifestyle of the Gurung people. Traditional customs are still followed during births, deaths, and marriages. You can have age-old cultural dances like the Gurung dance, they sing a local song, are performed on various occasions accompanied by different musical instruments with the dancers in traditional dress too well come to their guest.We can have a beautiful view of western Himalayas including Dhaulagiri Range, Machhapuchhre/Mt Fishtail (6,693m), Annapurna 1st (8,091m), Annapurna II (7,939m) Annapurna IV (7,525m), Peak 29 (7,871 m), Lamjung Himal (6,983),Bouddha Himal(6,974m), Himalchuli(6,747m) and many more smaller peaks in village.

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