Gyantse Horse Racing Festival Tour

Gyantse Horse Racing Festival Tour :The town of Gyantse is situated in a valley between high mountains, and compared to the rest of Tibet, more of the traditional way of life continues on there. Gyantse Horse Racing Festival was initiated back 500 years ago for consecrating the Gyantse Prince Gungsang Rabten, who had built Pelkor Chode Monastery, as well as to his highly esteemed grandfather. Initialy it was mainly for religious events, and later on evolved to horse race as a predominating event and it spread over to Lhasa, Changtang and Gongbo, etc. The festival involves horse racing and archery contests, as well as wrestling, Tibetan Opera, music and dancing, track and field, and ball games. Tibetan people from different areas dressed in unique costumes gather at Gyantse to watch horsemanship, archery, Tibetan opera, Tibetan singing and dancing show, yak race and so forth. Along with this, there is a swap meet and an open market to buy authentic Tibetan crafts goods and a picnic where you can try the Tibetan food.

This tour offers you a great opportunity to mingle with a Tibetan crowd picnicking and partying in their finest garb with fun and games include yak races, archery competitions, equestrian events and musical performances. A large 480-year old Thangka is unfurled at sunrise as well. And also gives you a chance to visit some of the famous historic places in Tibet. The festival will be held on 8th June 2015 – 27th July 2015. Do not miss it, Contact us for this special festive tour.

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