Holy stones carved colourfully painted, with Buddhist scripts.


Q: What are the services Trekking Top Nepal offers?
Trekking Top Nepal offers wide range of ztravel and tour services. We are specialized in trekking, cultural tour, expedition, hiking and other adventurous activities in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet.
Q: Why choose Trekking Top Nepal for travel and tours service?
We are experienced and recognized Holiday Planner and service provider related with the Tourism Sector. Our Guides are well trained, fluent in different languages and with long experience in related sectors. As our motto is “Traveler’s Satisfaction is our Achievements” we are always here to assist you for your holiday.
Q: Who can travel with Trekking Top Nepal?
Any travelers from any age can travel with us as we get the customers from all walks of life. However, we would like to give service to the people from their early fifteen to late seventies. We accept people from all nationalities and the means of communication is English though. We have never faced any problem of age difference so far for trekking is all about making your trip more adventurous and fun.

Nepal Visa and Immigration

Q: Can I obtain the visa for Nepal upon on arrival at the airport?
YES, you can obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. Tourist Visa with Multiple Entries for 15 days can be obtained by paying US $25 or equivalent foreign currency. Similarly for 30 days can be obtained by paying US $40 or equivalent foreign currency and for multiple Entry of 90 days can be obtained by paying US $100.
Q: Can I apply for e-visa online?
Yes, our government actually advise visitor to submit their visa application online to save time upon your arrival at the airport immigration. You can apply here.
Q: Do I need any extra documents?
Please bring a copy of your travel insurance, a copy of your passport and 3 photos (passport size) with you for your trip to Nepal. You would need photos for permits.

Entrance Fee to Tourist Spots

Q: What are the Entry Fees for tourists in various places in Nepal?
Below is the list of the entry charges for tourist in various places in Nepal. You can now make the list of places you would like to visit and add the total amount of entry charges that you will need to pay at the sites then you can add other expenses such as flooding, transport, tourist guide, shopping etc then you can estimate the total expenses you will make a sightseeing tour. You can manage your total expenses accordingly and make a budget plan prior the trip.
Place Foreign Nationals SAARC Nationals Chinese
Kathmandu Durbar Square including Tribhuvan Museum NPR 750 NPR 150 NPR 750
National Museum, Chauni NPR 50 NPR 10 NPR 50
Patan Durbar Square NPR 200 NPR 25 NPR 200
Patan Museum NPR 250 NPR 75 NPR 75
Patan Golden Temple NPR 50 NPR 25 NPR 50
Bhaktapur Durbar Square NPR 1100 NPR 100 NPR 100
National Art Museum, Bhaktapur NPR 100 NPR 50 NPR 150
Swayambhunath Stupa NPR 200 NPR 50 NPR 200
Baudhanath Stupa NPR 150 NPR 40 NPR 150
Pashupatinath Temple NPR 1000 Free NPR 500
Changunarayan Temple NPR 100 NPR 100 NPR 100
Ethnographic museum, Bhrikutimandap, NTB NPR 100 NPR 50 NPR 100
Chitwan National Park NPR 500 per day per entry NPR 200 per day per entry NPR 500 per day per entry
Chitwan Elephant breeding camp NPR 50 NPR 25 NPR 50
Lumbini NPR 50 NPR 50 NPR 50
Lumbini Museum NPR 50 NPR 50 NPR 50
Kapilvastu Museum NPR 10 NPR 5 NPR 10
International Mountain Museum, Pokhara NPR 300 NPR 100 NPR 300
Garden of Dreams, Katmandu NPR 160 NPR 160 NPR 160
Dharahara, Kathmandu NPR 299 NPR 160 NPR 299
Godawari Park NPR 100 Indian NPR 25 / Other SAARC NPR 50 NPR 100
Central Zoo Adult NPR 250 / Children NPR 150 Adult NPR 250 / Children NPR 150 Adult NPR 250 / Children NPR 150

Budget and Expenses

Q: How can I exchange currency? Are ATM machines available during the trip?
There are numbers of Banks and authorized exchange centers in the main cities. Hard currency can be exchanged at banks, hotels and authorized exchange centers. ATM machines are available in different locations of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Bhaktapur and other main towns. Traveler’s checks can be cashed at banks and at authorized exchange centers. Note that you will get the best rates at banks for any currency.
Q: How much should I expect to tips?
For your sightseeing tour in Kathmandu or other cities, per car, a gratuity of US $10 for the driver and US $20 for the guide is recommended, but tipping is solely at your discretion. The drivers and guides that accompany you during the rest of the sightseeing have been paid by OWA team, so there is no need for you to tip them further. However, if you choose to do so, US $10 per person per half-day tour is appropriate.
Q: Should I give money to the destitute or beggers that I see in town?
We request that you please do not extend monies to the beggars, as this merely encourages this behavior and will increase their harassment of your group for the remainder of your trip. If you wish to make a donation to assist with the poverty in Nepal, our team will be happy to recommend a charitable organization you may contact.
Q: How much spending money should I bring?
It depends on your spending habits. Generally, in Kathmandu you can allocate around US $15 for a lunch and a dinner. US $10 per person a day will be enough to buy bottles of water, chocolates, pay for the hot shower and a few drinks during the trekking.
Q: Can I use credit cards in the places I visit in trekking?
In Kathmandu, yes – to some extent. Once you are out of the cities, all you need is cash. Please change the currency in local Nepali Rupees before you go to the mountains.

Safety and Emergency

Q: Are all the staffs are insured?
Our all staffs including guides, cooks, Sherpas and porters are fully insured. We take pride in the fact that our all staffs are well paid and insured properly. They are provided all required equipments in the high altitude trekking.
Q: What safety measures are in place? What safety equipment do your guides carry with them on trek to deal with sickness or accidents?
Our guides are 24 hours available for the services during the trek. They are trained to use first aid kit and have knowledge to use Oxy meter in order to track your oxygen level just to make sure you are fit enough to continue your high altitude walk. Guides also carry local sim cards both Nepal Telecom and Ncell in order to update whereabouts and situation of our every guests. During the time of emergency our guides are alert and keeps updated to head office in Kathmandu that is available 24 /7 to arranging from horse to mules or helicopters in the must needed cases especially when client is seriously sick in the mountain and needed to be hospitalized.
Q: Are doctors available at all times?
We have Hospitals; Health clinic in all major places and have very good relationship with doctors from different areas of Nepal so these doctors are available in any case you need emergency medical attention. In any case, please let the escort / attendant / anyone in our ground office know immediately if you feel unwell or think you are going to need medical attention.
Q: Is there an emergency contact number?
Yes. You can dial on +9779751000991 anytime if you are currently in Nepal. But if you are using international number you need to include our country code 00977 before head. If you are your mobile just click on the above number will redirect you to tour phone dialer.

Booking and Payment

Q: What is the process if I want to book any of your Tour, Trek or other services?
We have very easy process to book tour trek and other services with us. Firstly choose your desire tour and check the availability traveling date or choose a fixed travel date, then click book it. On the next page which require you to input traveler information for each of everyone. Once you have done the next page will bring you to payment. Currently we use PayPal to process all transaction online. You can use your debit/credit card or PayPal balance to pay. Otherwise if you need to customize trip, Please use the online inquiry form and list out your details. After we both have the final agreement, the payment will be updated and sent to you via PayPal. But please bare in mind that, if you intend to make any further changes like having to extend for another day(s) please remember to inform us at least 3 days before your trip so that we make your itinerary accordingly. In case of urgency we recommend you to call us directly at +9779851190991
Q: How can I book my trip in advance?
If you are traveling in peak tourist season i.e. between October to November and March to April, you have to book the tour 6 to 10 months before. Because of the limitation of the infrastructure in tourism industry in Nepal , you are asked to book the trip in advance.
Q: What is the mode of payment?
We accept major credit cards such as VISA, Master and American Express via PayPal.
Q: Is it possible to hire only transfer/ vehicle service from your team? What do you suggest?
Of course, you can book transfer/ vehicle service from us even if you are not interested in not taking package with us. Here we are able to provide any types of vehicle as per your group size and requirement for your tour. With the vehicle you will have a experienced driver who is well-known about the local areas. The cost of the vehicle includes all the expenses, fuel, driver’s salary, road permit and parking.
Q: For my anniversary/birthday! Will you be able to arrange something special for me?
Yes, we will be able to arrange cakes, flowers, champagne, and/or chocolates. If you are in trek it is not possible to find Champagne but we can arrange wines. If you are going to trek and want us to arrange something for your Anniversary/ Birthday please contact us before you start your trek so we can make the necessary arrangements in advance. Charges for this service depend on the specific request.
Q: All your departure is guaranteed to run?
YES all our trips are guaranteed to run. We never cancel the trip due to not having enough participants; we can arrange the trip for one person as well as a private trip at very minimum additional cost. Please inquire about this during the time of booking.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellation notice is required, minimum of 20 days prior to trip departure. If the reason is valid the Trip shall then be termed as cancelled and the cancellation charge of 30% of the trip amount would be deducted from the advance paid. For more detail please refer to our refund policy

Facts of Nepal

Q: How do Nepalese greets each other?
“Namaste” is the magic word! To do this the Nepalese way, you can join your palms and bow down head a little when you greet.
Q: I heard Sunday is not a holiday in Nepal?
You’re correct, different from the world, in Nepal we have six working days and have Saturday’s as days off.
Q: What to wear in Nepal?
There are different array of climate in Nepal and make sure to look at the weather update before packing your bags. There are no such things as “not wearable clothes”, be sure you are culturally sensitive when you are in the rurals. Tight fitting, figure-hugging clothing such as those made with Lycra can often be offensive to locals, especially to women. If you find these items comfortable as a base layer, please pack something to wear on top of them. If you forget to pack some essential stuff there is no need to panic you can buy almost everything you require in Nepal.
Q: Is Electricity supply covered everywhere in Nepal?
Nepal has hours of power outage in fall and winter whereas just couple of hours only in the monsoon. The power outage can go up to 14-16 hours in a day in winter and fall. Residential outlet power used in Nepal is 220-240 volts unlike to that of USA and other countries which use 110-120 volts. Plugging in any appliances in Nepal which requires only 110-120v may result in demolishing the device completely and in some case causing harm to you as well.
Q: How to stay healthy in Nepal?
Although you may practice eating salads in your country it is suggested to eat thoroughly cooked food while in Nepal. The other prime factor to be careful about while in Nepal is water, either drink a good branded bottled water i.e. Himalayas on top, Baily or Bisleri, or drink water which is boiled and cooled off. Make sure you bring or buy a proper mask.
Q: Can I bring any medications with me?
Yes, you can bring medications with you but make sure you bottle them as it was bought from a drugstore to avoid any custom hassle just in case. Please carry prescription if there is one and in case of prescribed medicine.