Home Stay Tour- Experience True Nepal

You might have seen the cultural heritage sights of Nepal, the mesmerizing beauty of Himalayas, the majestic lakes, had a never forgetting adventurous and thrilling experience but there is more to see and feel in this beautiful diverse nation.

Outside the busy urban cities there are many villages untouched by urbanization which you probably won’t see or feel in any other parts of the world. It will be a once in a life time experience. Living in a rural village with the localities in their own home and eating the food they produced themselves in their own farm (100% organic) will be an unique and exciting experience. You will learn about their culture and tradition. You will see the diversity Nepal has to offer.  How people in village do not have fancy stuffs or modern gadgets but yet they are more happy and satisfied than the rest of us. So, do not miss it. Get this once in a lifetime experience and believe me you will be stunned by the lifestyle, generosity and the hospitality of these people. They surely know the meaning of the famous Sanskrit saying –“ATITHI DEVA BHAWA “

We will organize a home stay tour according to the dates given by you. You can also visit World Heritage sites and the beautiful city blessed with natural beauty Pokhara along your Home Stay Tour. So, hurry up and  CONTACT US.

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