Homestay Treks in Nepal | Go local, support local.

There is a saying, ” If you really want to explore a particular place, go local, be local, support Homestay treks in Nepal.” Indeed, if you want to know the real roots of Nepal, its surreal beauty and most importantly about the locals, this Homestay treks in Nepal is just for you. 

To meet local people and experience how they live, homestay treks in Nepal is a great option. The thing is you should not expect more. Just more than sophisticated lodges and starred hotels, Homestay in Nepal is the best of the best. Accommodations are basic, but homestay programs set minimum quality standards—guests are guaranteed a private room and bathroom, filtered drinking water, and delicious and organic dishes from the tidy kitchen.

We arrange homestays treks in Nepal at various places  featuring high hills and low plains. It’s a win-win for hosts and travelers alike: homestays are operated by local cooperatives of women who open up spare rooms in their houses for paying guests. Hosts receive training, education, and an independent income. Travelers can enjoy a real homestay experience, learning how to cook Nepali food with their hosts, going on sightseeing walks with them, and participating in a range of different experiences. While the accommodation is not luxurious, it is comfortable and clean, and each home is unique.

If this fascinates you, then you can book a homestay trek with Trekking Top Nepal. We here at Trekking Top Nepal, always support local products and services. Homestay treks in Nepal are what should not be missed during your Nepal visit

Visitors can participate in activities including village walks, bike rides, and cooking classes.