How to Spend 10 Days in Nepal?

Ever asked, “How to spend 10 Days in Nepal?” Yes! But within 10 days we can cover major portion of Nepal at a peek.

Nepal is a country of natural beauties full of hills, mountains, forests and lots of things to experience. On the other hand it is also a country of adverse diversity of religion and ethnicity.

Thus, you got so much to experience about it wherever you go: differently.  You may not be able to explore  Nepal in 10 days, completely but here are some places and things you most explore in Nepal.  You can spend  10 days in Nepal; your most memorable days of life in Nepal as mentioned below:

First Three Days


Kathmandu Valley has always been the center of Nepal & many dynasty’s were evolve here & ruled. You can find plenty ancient historical durbars (kings palace), religious sites, nature’s beauty to explore with in. Maybe some short hiking to hills near Kathmandu valley. Explore the lifestyle of people living in the capital and it’s surroundings.

Fourth to Seventh days:


Pokhara is known As the city of tourists surrounded by Himalayas (Mountains). Famously known for Fewa lake and scenic view of Annapurna Himalayas ranges. Having said that, you can experience the wonders of nature from here. Begnas lake, Fewa lake, Davis fall, Mahendra Cave are example of them. You can also enjoy the hot air balloon and paragliding tour in Pokhara.  Apart from that you can experience the overwhelming nightlife in the lap of Himalayas (Pokhara) as a relaxation. many more things to go crazy with.

Seventh to Tenth Days: 

Excursion to Lumbini Durbar Square & sites.

After exploring the city of lake; Pokhara another must-visit place in Nepal is Birthplace of Gautam Buddha  situated at Lumbini, Kapilbastu. Gautama Buddha is also known as light of Asia. Also, It is the most sacred and valuable place in Nepal on other hand it’s prominent religious place for Buddhism. In Spite of being at remote place it is renowned all over the world among tourists. Here you can explore other things like Maya devi temple, Ashokan pillar, Myanmar golden temple, Dharma swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar, china Temple, Lumbini Museum etc.

So when you are planning to visit Nepal ? Probably during #visitNepal2020. Simply remember us when you are coming. Operated by Osho World Adventure Group of Companies, Trekking Top Nepal and Dom Himalaya strive to cater every need of tourists visiting Nepal.

Thank you for the read.

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