Kusum Kangaru Peak Climbing

Kusum Kangaru Peak Climbing is situated in between the Dudhkosi in the south and Hinku Valley to the north of the Khumbu region. The name Kusum Kanguru means “Three Snow-White Gods” in the Sherpa Language, it refers to the triple summit of the mountain. These three summits East Summit Kusum Kanguru 6358m, Main Summit Kusum Kanguru 6367m and  West Kusum Kanguru Summit 5579m. Kashum Kangaru peak can be climb from two ways one is from south via Hinku valley and another from north monje via kyashar Khola valley. This peak is one of the most difficult trekking peaks to climb and was first ascended in the autumn of 1979 by a Japanese team. It offers more challenging climbing in Nepal.

Kusum Kangaru from the South-East Point climbing trail starts from Hinku valley sides. When you reach at Lukla, from Lukla it takes 5hours to reach base camp. There is incline route through the South East Face. When you will climb from this South-East way you need to climb three high camps to complete your dream to climb the peak.

Kusum Kangaru from the North point starts from Lukla and treks to Monjo and again trek to Namche Bazaar. From the base camp rising up to peak the trail offers steep grass and screed and finally a ramp leading to the ridge proper.

This peak climbing can be done by those who have got enough alpine mountaineering experience are specifically recommend to go for this trek. This peak climbing is one of the challenges to the mountaineers as well as this peak is said to be one of the most difficult climbing peaks. During this peak climbing you can travel around the Sherpa village and can learn the culture and lifestyle of the people. The path to the peak climb offers rhododendron and pine forest with different flora and fauna and wildlife. The best seasons to climb the Kusum Kanguru peak are spring and autumn.

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