Manaslu Rupina La Pass Trekking

Manaslu, Mountain of the sprit. Manasa means the “sprit” or “soul”. Manaslu trekking provides magnificent beauty scenery long the border of Nepal and Tibet and making trekkers to around circuit. Manaslu Rupina La Pass trekking makes trekkers to experience into the wilderness and hidden part of Manaslu region. Manaslu Rupina La Pass Trekking was legally opened to tourist in 1991. Mt. Manaslu was first climb by the group of Japanese expeditioner in 1956 and it was first ascent made.

Manaslu Region has wonderful waterfall, lakes, ethnic villages, attractive mountain views and green hills with beautiful landscaped. Manaslu Rupina La Pass Trekking offers the attractive landscape with the views of Manaslu(8,163m), peak 29 (7,879m), Himal Chuli (7,893m) and Boudha (6,672m) and many more mountains and different flora and fauna. The trekking route to the Manaslu Rupina La pass has got different types of various Monasteries, Mani walls, Chortens and many other religious landmarks temples & more.

Manaslu Rupina La pass trekking is a challenging trekking and every trekker must required good physical fitness and stamina. This trekking offers the wonderful combination of rich cultural heritage, unmatched Himalayan scenic beauty, and the attractive Tibetan culture with its rich mass natural variety. This trekking trail helps trekkers to interaction with local people and makes their trip wonderful and memorable.

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