Mt. Fishtail

Moderate trek to Mardi Base Camp: The most scenic trek in Nepal

Jaunt to Majestic Mardi; A Mini yet mystical break towards the proximity of Annapurna Region, Nepal.

Are you somebody who wish to get closer to the mountains but don’t have enough time in your comfort zone?  Or you want to complete the most jaw-dropping trekking point in entire Nepal within one week. Then, the Trek to Mardi Himal is the perfect feed to your quest. Annapurna South, Himchuli, and Mt. Fishtail peaks welcome trekkers while hiking to the Mardi Himal Base Camp.  Yes! Believe me. You’ll find them standing still, right in front of you and your companions!

We can find many routes which lead us to the Mardi Himal Base Camp, the Kande – Australian Base Camp – Deurali – Forest Camp – Low Camp – High Camp to MBC is the most trodden one. If you are in hurry, you can also get a jeep/pick up to either Kalimati or Siddhing from Pokhara, and then you have to embark a hike to Forest Camp or Low Camp from there. Normally tourists visiting Nepal start this thrilling adventure, short yet most scenic trip after undergoing various city tours in Nepal including Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini and Pokhara.

A wise man once said: “Heaven is myth and Nepal is real.” It may sound a bit fancy but after this trip, you guys will be repeating this very statement as it holds true. Trust me. And the most important information is, the short and sweet trip to Mardi Base Camp is four-six days of the trek from Pokhara, the most beautiful city of the entire country. Depending upon your fitness level and allocated time, you can complete Mardi trek easily on 4-5 days. If you have a surplus amount of time, you can spend a week there soaking in the thin air and basking in the mountain sun. Getting wet while ascending down and blown by the bone-chilling air, the hike to Mardi ridge takes any wandering soul away from the hullaballoo of city life and amid the deep woods, into the pristine Mother Nature.

The invigorating adventure to MBC gets kick-off from Kande, a famous stopover on the Pokhara-Baglung Highway. The steep trails from Kande lead us to the Australian Base Camp. And the uphill stretch informs holiday-makers about the challenges to face and overcome on their way ahead. We can not be sure about the weather, but we hope it will fully cooperate.  Only those fortunate few shall get to see mountains playing hide and seek with cloud number 9. From the Australian Base Camp, visitors have to continue walking on to Pothana.

At Pothana one can relax his/her footwear, devoured on authentic Daal Bhaat and conversed their tales and experiences if there are any while roaming in and around Nepal. Sooner, we have to left for Deurali. In this way, the first day can be settled down in Forest Camp, the second day at Low Camp and finally the third day at High Camp.

While returning, one has a multitude of ways to choose. No worries! Depending upon your spare time, one can return or simply they can wander around other peripheral destinations in Annapurna Sanctuary. 🙂 The most scenic trek of all Nepal, trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp is located to the east of the classic Annapurna Base Camp.  Mardi Himal Trek is a short and sweet as sugar escapade which takes our feet to the base of Mardi Himal.

The popularity seems to have been escalating in an exponential fashion despite its late arrival in Nepalese trekking scenes. We have to follow the ridge through the beautiful rhododendron forests which give us the jaw-dropping eye shots of mountains and hills like Annapurna South, Mardi, Hiuchuli and most prominently, Mt. Fishtail, the Machhapuchhre which resembles with the shape fish’s tail. On our way up to Forest Camp, we can stop at an abandoned sheep shed. It is like a vantage point, from where one can rest there for a while; taking stunning photographs.

The cool breeze blowing past the visitors relaxes their senses and soothes their soul. Like every trek in Nepal, this trek also helps to rejuvenate our pre-scheduled life. And YES!  That’s the decent power of Mother Nature and it is more than enough to heal any bored humans and distracted minds! On reaching the Forest Camp, you will be amazed to see hordes of trekkers resting on the lodges’ grounds.

Even though this relatively newer but most scenic route, lodges, and tea-houses are available at the regular gap.  However, all the serving houses can be fairly packed, including the dining rooms, but can be easily managed to get a room with three beds, where at least four bodies would cramp together. Mainly, after the drink, even five can adjust. Haha =D  If you know, what I mean.

Forest Camp, as the name indicates, it literally justices for its name lies at an altitude of over 2,650 meters and is a preferred stop-over for trekkers marching to Mardi Himal. Among all the rest points on the way to base camp, it has lodged with a larger capacity. Also, Forest Camp entails large open spaces lodges where travelers/groups/trekkers can gather, interact, make merry and even perform Yoga, Physical moves.

Moving ahead on the jaunt to Mardi Himal, we can see a small lodge atop of hillock called Badal Danda [Cloud Hill] (meaning hillock amongst clouds), with Mount Annapurna South levitating over it. There lies Mt. Fishtail, shining in its full glory to the right of Badal Danda.

Caravan of Hills and Himalayas.

The wandering clouds and floating cloud lakes never stop amusing its guests. Sad as well as exciting at the same time because all of sudden, we can be lost amid the fog. Playing hide and seek with Mountains and trails facilitated by the clouds’ random motion those staggering windows of nature, and the beautiful views of Himalayan ranges get behind the eyesight. That’s the reason people have named it the hillock as Badal Danda. Exhilarating is that metamorphosis right in front of one’s vision in an iota of seconds!

After passing Badal Danda, comes another yet last human settlement below the Mardi Base Camp, High Camp, which is seen, most of the time seem gloomy, as it is covered in dense mist, (actually, the white fluffy clouds as seen from a distance. Fortunate few among numbers of travelers only get that golden chance to see the tail of Mt. Fishtail amidst their cloud number 9.

Tip: At High Camp, after 4 pm in the evening, the clouds basically start moving here and there, and the view gets might get clear.

Get ready to explore Mardi Base Camp on the early set of Visit Nepal 2020! Spend the cooler atmosphere as warm nights of your life at High Camp. Trekking Top highly recommends visiting mystical Mardi Himal as soon as possible.

From High Camp while ascending to the base camp trekkers need to embark on their early morning hike at around 4:00 am in the morning to get to the viewpoint, upper viewpoint and ultimately after 30 minutes we can reach the base camp of Mardi Himal, our ultimate destination.

This stretch of the entire trail is where we must be aware as two stretches on this route are really menacing. Some hikers literally need to grapple on their four limbs to ascend, due to a steeper cliff on both sides. Even though with the presence of those intoxicating ridges, the Mardi Base Camp never stops to lure all adventure seekers and nature lovers from the globe. If you have fear of height, I would like to suggest that ‘just keep up with your pace, and don’t look sideways so that it’s easy to climb’.

CHEERS! Guys! We are just eagle’s eye distance far from our destination, MBC. Hiking amid the cold fog in the morning through the pitch dark and passing the dangerous stretches from High Camp to viewpoint might not be everyone’s cup of tea. We must be more conscious as well as controlled at the same time. If assisted by handheld headlights and piloted by the experienced trip mentors one can easily overcome this stretch.

We can see big animal [yaks] grunting and grazing even in the dark, pitch dark when approaching higher. Mostly, people easily get afraid of the yaks as they are giant in size yet gentle. Most importantly, Clever!  Trust me! They won’t be interfering the stranger until they got to trespass them.

5 days of Common Itineraries to Mardi Base Camp

Day 1: Drive from Pokhara to Kande and Hike to Forest Camp (2500)

Day 2: Hike from Forest Camp to High Camp (3580m)

Day 3: Explore around High Camp and Hike back to Low Camp (3150 m)

Day 4: Hiking back from Low Camp to Siding Village (1280m)

Day 5: Hike from Siding Village to Milan Chowk and Drive to Pokhara

Okay! I hope you have been imagining the Mardi Chronicle while reading this blog. Trekking Top Nepal cordially invites you all. Visit Nepal 2020 is in the corner so you can be a part of it. OKAY! See you at  DOM HIMALAYA, KATHMANDU.  🙂

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