Mountain biking in Nepal | Shredding through high hills and himalayas.

Mountain Biking in Nepal: Shredding in the HIMALAYAS! 

     Hurtling down dirt roads on a mountain bike and getting an adrenaline rush is the biggest thrill when it comes to mountain biking in Nepal. And Nepal is just the country for such high spirited people seeking adventures in Mountain biking. Beginning right here in the Kathmandu valley, there are endless possibilities for bikers and shredders. 

      The dirt trails up and down the valley’s edge lead to far-flung settlements are where bikers roll.  Also, Travelers on the wheel can enjoy the superb vista of snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, and lush green terraced hillsides. The higher you climb, the better the view.  In addition to that, the clean mountain air (thinner air) rejuvenates your tired body, mind, and soul. Once out of the valley, there are endless rows of hills, waterfalls and spectacular views of mountains.  While we bike in the high hills and Himalayas, nature looms in the backdrop. YES! Mountain Biking in Nepal is an awesome experience one must undergo in life. 

     Besides, the natural scenery, the mountain challenges extremely where the terrain is rough. On that higher note, the thin mountain air requires you to be at a high fitness level. There are tranquil valleys to ride through, pristine glacial lakes to encounter and the proximity to the giant mountains leaving you in awe.  Mountain biking in Nepal offers you not only the thrill but also the authentic pleasure of Nepali villages. The ever-smiling people of the mountain region make it all worthwhile. Their warm greetings along the way will make you feel at home, enough to make you want to stay. It’s a great way to discover the heart and soul of Nepal.

Ride through lush green rice fields, delightful little hamlets, up and down the hills, along river banks, around temples, past stray cattle, over suspension bridges and along highways.