Mt. Kailash Inner Kora Trekking

Mt. Kailash is situated in the Tibet to the Northern part of the Himalayan. Mt. Kailash is one of the popular holy destinations of four religion-Hindu, Bon, Buddhist and Jain. Mt. Kailash is believed as the definitive destination of souls and religious destination of world.

Mt. Kailash Inner Kora is one of the special kora which is less known by the people. For the Mt. Kailash inner Kora, the trekker would be taken at the base of south part of the Mt. Kailash for trekking. The four religions believed Mt. Kailash Inner Kora as- Hindus worship as the abode of Shiva and Parvati, Bon see the nine story Swastika and they consider as the home of Damchauk and Dorge Phangmo, Buddhist believe as the residence of the Buddha and Manipadam and the Jains respect this place of Nirwan of the first Tirthankar.

The Buddhist complete the Inner Kora of Mt. Kailash by walking clockwise direction and the Bon complete their Kora by walking anti-clockwise and it takes from 3-5 days. The landscaped of the Mt. Kailash is beautiful and composes of the rock, crevices, snow and ice and there are two small monasteries and there is human settlement.

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