Mt. Nuptse Expedition

Mt. Nuptse shares its beauty along with the amazing views of Everest. From Tangboche, it looks like the Mt. Nuptse as massive wall guarding Mt. Everest. The name Nup-tse is Tibetan name which means the West Peak. The peak lies two kilometers west of Mt. Everest.

Mt. Nuptse is crowned by 7 peaks from east-west ridge. These peaks are Nuptse I (7,861 m), Nuptse II (7,827  m), Nuptse Shar I (7,804  m), Nuptse Nup I (7,784 m), Nuptse Shar II (7,776 m), Nuptse Nup II (7,742 m) and Nuptse Shar III (7,695 m).

The peak was was first climb by Dennis Davis and Sherpa Tashi who were the member of British expedition in 1961. Mt. Nuptse become more popular for expedition between 1990s and 2000s providing the normal route for climbing from west, south, and north faces.

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