Nepal Discover Circuit Tour Package

Nepal Discover Circuit Tour package is the most popular tour package in Nepal for tourists looking for easy and short trip. It provides you the quintessential of Nepal’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. You will observe the historic and religious sites in capital Kathmandu, spend a night in Nagarkot – a popular hill station nearby Kathmandu- enjoying the sunrise and sunset views and the panorama of the snowcapped mountains. We will proceed further to Pokhara and Chitwan. In Pokhara you will enjoy the natural beauty of the lake valley, observing its lakes, hills and spectacular Himalayan ranges. You will also boat on the Phewa lake and hike up to Sarangkot for majestic sunrise views.

In Chitwan, you will be close to the wilderness, observe the animals and birds in Chitwan National Park on a Jeep Safari. You will also enjoy the unique Tharu culture in Chitwan. To add some fun, you can add a day’s rafting trip and/or a few days’ trekking trip to the itinerary if you like.

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