Peak Experience Nepal Excursion Tour

Peak Experience Nepal Excursion Tour For travelers who know it well, the kingdom of Nepal is an exotic dreamland of impressions that touch the soul.  This spiritual adventure focuses on ancient pilgrimage places as well as mountain views, both of which have created “peak experiences” for pilgrims for thousands of years.Our Peak Experience Nepal Excursion highlights the sites of Nepal’s two main religious, Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as a blend of both.  In between visits to world-renown pilgrimage places, our guests will enjoy breathtaking mountain terrain trekking, a jungle safari on the “Terai” flat lands, and a rich understanding of Nepali culture.Truly unique in the world, Nepal’s diverse population of differing religions is a living example of tolerance and brotherhood.   Almost all religious sects of the world are found in Nepal, but the population is mostly Hindu or a unique blend of Hinduism and Buddhism.  Enjoy the atmosphere of celebration and understand why many Nepali people participate in festivals of other religions.  Join us for the exciting spiritual adventure and deepen your insight into the soul of Nepal!   Witness and enjoy firsthand this uniquely respectful co-existence of all religions living and celebrating side-by-side.Our Peak Experience Nepal Excursion includes the historical pilgrimage sites of Kathmandu, a jungle safari in Chitwan National Park, and the mystical beauty of Pokhara and the Dhulikhel for a stirring view of the Himalayas.

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