Shishapangma Expedition

The officially name of Shishapangma is Xixiabangma, is 14th highest mountain in the world.  In Nepali Shishapangma is also known as the Gosainthan.  Shishapangma is situated in the south-central of Tibet and 5 km far from the border of with Nepal.  Shishapangma expedition is one of the easiest climbing among the eight-thou-sanders to climb. Shishapangma expedition is now regarded as one of the most straight-forward 8,000 climbs and its summit is frequently achieved.

Shishapangma Mountain expedition was first climb by the Chinese in 1964 but due to the lack of photographic evidence and the fact that the summit ridge sports several extra “summits”. Then second expedition is done by the West German team in 1980, from that time climbing to Shishapangma is done frequently.  Again in 1992 the first Britons climbed the Shishapangma they were Doug Scott, Alex Mclntyre and Roger Baxter-Jones via a new route on the South Face.

Shishapangma Mountain expedition offers the views of different birds and animals like- wild asses, gazelle, deer, foxes, rabbits, black-necked cranes, vultures, wolves, marmots along with the standard yaks and sheep. The weather condition of Shishapangma Mountain is same as the weather condition in Mt. Everest. The best season for expedition is from April to May and from October to November is a good time for climbing.

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