2 days Bandipur Siddha Gufa Caving (Halloween Special!) - 2 Days

Siddha Gufa Caving is the largest and most popular caving destination in Nepal. It provides the astounding experience inside the darkness of the cave. Siddha Gufa is the largest cave in Nepal and second largest in Asia with 437m depth and 50m height. Being the largest cave in the whole country, it provides the best experiences of encounter with dark environment, bats chattering, mice moving and many more. Its interior is full of stalactites and stalagmites. It is also known as the place from where Siddha baba got his enlightenment. Trekking to this cave from Bandipur is interesting and most popular which takes about one and a half hour hike each way if it’s muddy. Alternatively, you can also march uphill to the cave from Bimalnagar (which lies on Prithvi Highway). It will take just 45 minutes to reach the cave. Dirt path and stone path are the only way to reach there which are slippery so it’s very necessary to take every step with care. The path is being managed and maintained to make it easy for travelers to explore around. It is also essential and somehow compulsory to hire a local guide as well to know more about the cave.

  • Saint living inside the cave
  • Sketch of ancient saint carved on the stone
  • Water flowing continuously in the certain area
  • Places that can be crossed using ropes only
  • Way to Bandipur is also the major attraction

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2 days Bandipur Siddha Gufa Caving (Halloween Special!)



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