7 days Pokhara Extreme Rafting & Skydiving - 7 Days

Tom Noonan of the US and Ganesh Pandey of Nepal perform a tandem skydive at an area near the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, in Nepal
Backed up by the expert Everest Skydive Crew, Pokhara Skydive started its commercial operation in 2013. Held every autumn at Pame Lauruk dropzone, 11km north of Phewa Lake amidst huge fun and excitement, this adventure is getting increasingly popular every year. In 2017 (9th– 11th November) alone, we had a total of 65 jumpers from around the world. It is rightly said that skydiving is not just about the adrenaline rush, it’s also about the View that people can only dream of. Pokhara Skydive rightly justifies it! Leaping from a height of 9000-11000 ft from AS 350 B3/B2 Helicopter, with the majestic Himalaya around you and the serene valley of Pokhara sprawling below is indeed a feast to your soul. However, the fun doesn’t end here. Your entire jump will be captured on film by our camera flyer so that you can relive your moments again and again. We have the option of both Package and Individual Jumps. So, why to wait – Pokhara Skydive is all set to make your dream a reality!

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7 days Pokhara Extreme Rafting & Skydiving



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