A Day Visit to Kopan Monastery

Kopan Monastery is a serene sacred place that lies on the Himalayan foothills inside Kathmandu Valley which is surrounded by lush of green forests. Despite being a sacred place for Buddhists, it welcomes the visitors around the world following any religions or cultures.

The monastery is stunningly gorgeous with large open space grounds and gardens at the back which offers you the breathtaking view of Kathmandu Valley, hills, mountains and beyond. The place is popular for Buddhists study, meditation, retreat, and practice. The atmosphere here is charged with spiritual energy that is almost tangible which definitely gives you a life-changing experience.

You can also find decent restaurants serving delicious foods and book stores with many works in English. The visitors may enter inside the stupa typically from 9 am to 5 pm.

  • A great place for meditation, buddhism retreat, and to escape away from the busy Kathmandu.
  • Overlooking the hilltop, at the back garden, you will be able to embrace the fantastic panoramic view of huge Kathmandu Valley.
  • Very peaceful place.
  • Enjoy the birds singing at the laid back forest.
  • Delicious veggie foods serving restaurants.

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A Day Visit to Kopan Monastery



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