Upper Mustang’s Tiji Festival Celebration

Lying in the rain shadow of massive Himalayas, Upper Mustang celebrates the most enchanting and charming annual festival to chase away demons from the sacred land of Mustang. The last enclave of pristine Tibetan is forbidden, hidden, and completely isolated from the rest of the world. That is why it was able to evolve its culturally rich and distinct tradition which is completely different from this modern world.

Tiji is the celebration and reaffirmation of myth. This spring-renewal festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil. According to the legend, a deity named Dorje Jono had to battle against his father to protect his Kingdom of Mustang from the shortage of water and food. Hence, Dorje Jono banished his father from his Kingdom, hence the rain was preached in the sacred land of Mustang bringing peace and prosperity in this region again.

People celebrate this festival by wearing traditional colorful dresses and chant their auspicious prayers. People gather together and depict themselves in different characters. They play the drama being the demon and deity. The demon and deity use different colorful dresses and hideous masks. It is believed that this play of deity winning over the demon shows that the demons are completely chased away from the sacred land of Mustang.

All local people sing and perform their cultural dances. They chant prayers and remember their god. Tiji festival symbolizes the togetherness as people come together to celebrate with joy and treasure in their unique custom, dresses, and jewelry.

This year Tiji festival will be celebrated in Lo Manthang on 31st May, 1st June, and 2nd June. So, if you find this combination of Upper Mustang trek and Tiji Festival interesting, reserve your dates with Osho World Adventure.


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