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11 Reasons to choose Homestays in Nepal over Hotel

Hotels vs Homestays in Nepal? Yes! More than 80% of Nepal’s demographics reside in the countryside. While roaming and traveling in Nepal we can find many hotels and a few homestays. Here we have shown up with some reasons to choose homestays in Nepal rather than hotels.

Nepal’s diverse population with equally varying traditional and cultural approaches can best be explored. Perfectly in rustic settings, Nepal’s homestays lie. Interacting with the local population best fits the equation when travelers can live together with the local people. Homestay tourism is best suited for this purpose. Actually, there is a pile of reasons to choose homestays in Nepal. 

The autumn season would be the best season to do a homestay trek. Generally, the main festival of Nepalese people- Teej, Dashain, and Tihar falls in this season. You will have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate these great festivals with local people.

If you dare to do Homestay Trek in Monsoon season, you will have ample opportunities to join the national crop plantation day. People most of the time spend their time in their fields, cropping, and enjoy eating delicious traditional dishes.

Here are some reasons why you should choose homestay treks in Nepal:

Here are 11 reasons to choose  homestays in Nepal rather than hotels:

 1) Know the Real Nepal

Farmer Dipa Regmi and daughter sit proudly by their home in the Sirubari village of rural Nepal.

The homestay tour will give you the real taste of Nepal. Living in the house-made up of stones and tiles watching day-to-day activities of local people either cutting grass on the fields or taking cattle for grazing nearby hills, people living a simple life even with eyes full of happiness and pride, is the way how to get to know the true essence of people residing behind the modern development of Nepal.

The life you see here is completely away from modernization. People have no further hope of earning a better modern life as they choose to live a life of peace and self-esteem in the village without much struggle and shortages.

Staying in a homestay will give you some glimpse of that life, and you will see the life beyond the tall buildings of towns. Chepang Village Homestay one of the famous homestay where you can see the semi-nomadic lifestyle of people who have been unchanged for years.

2) Home-Away-From-Home: Experience homestays in Nepal

Homestays in Nepal might not fulfill the endorsement of your each and every need. However, hotels cannot compete when it comes to that friendly Home-Away-From-Home experience. Typically, Nepalese people are super friendly that you will make to feel at home and treat you as a part of the family when you are staying with them. You will be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with family members and you eat together with them. You will be surprised by the warm hospitality of the local people. Ghale Gaun Homestay and Sirubari Homestay are the places which are famously known for the hospitality of Gurung tribes of people.

3) Try Local Cuisines

No matter where ever you go for, you will be served Nepalese local authentic cuisine, Dal Bhat which is a favorite traditional dish of every Nepali. But the taste of same Dal Bhat may differ from place to place due to the use of varieties of ingredients depending upon the local specialties, festivals, and ethnic groups. You will be served, a bowl of curry, daal, spoon full of pickle, yogurt and saag(green leafy vegetables) usually with Daal Bhat.

The traditional meal may differ from ethnic groups, such as the Newari tribes of people at Chitlang Homestay have Khaja set served with Choela, etc.

4) Explore and Understand A Place Better with Homestays in Nepal 

The homestay will give you the chance to explore the traditional lifestyle of Nepalese people.  If you want to have a better understanding of the place of your destination and to know what is it really that makes the place tick, staying with people over there even for few days can help you gather that insight. Staying with local people, you will experience a much more authentic side of the place & they too Learn from you.

In Balthali Village Homestay, you will have a greater chance to meet the local people, hilly terrains, and mountains at the northern highlands.

5) In-depth Culture of Homestay in Nepal

Nepal is home to more than 120 ethnic groups of people. They boast their own unique culture, tradition, dressing way, language, and geographical diversity. The people living there will absolutely be delighted to tell you about the culture, traditions that existed a hundred years back.

This will be an excellent opportunity for you to explore new cultures and traditions acquainted with diversity in language and customs. So, if you have any queries, never hesitate to ask that they will be happy to explain everything they know.

Kakani Village homestay boasts the Brahmin, Chettri, Vaishyas who possesses their own unique language, culture, custom, and tradition.

6) Support the Local Economy by choosing Homestays in Nepal 

Responsible Tourism has been one of the significant ways to collect revenue in Nepal. Staying in the homestay may hugely aid the economy of local marginalized people living in the remote areas of Nepal so that people and places can prosper and develop. This new concept of homestays is for the encouragement of responsible tourism in the country.

In most part of rural areas, women and children are bound within the four walls. So, visiting their place would provide an opportunity to learn the new skill, culture, and the English language exposing with world-class people like you enhancing their confidence level communicating with guests.

7) Gather Lifetime Memories and Experiences by choosing  homestays in Nepal 

A hotel can pamper you with luxury if you are in a condition but homestays almost always gift you with exciting stories sometimes it’s evident and sometime it’d treasure hunt that ends with a jackpot of information about native people and places also new perspectives.

8) Best Value For Money

Homestays always give you a much better value than hotels making a once-in-a-lifetime-experience at the most affordable price. You will be valued as a guest rather than a customer. You will truly have your own space. Clean bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens with simple and basic facilities are usually available. However, at the same time, you should realize that you are staying miles away from cities so everything may not be available.

9) Learn the Nepali Language

Homestay means staying with locals; which allows you the opportunity to learn and practice their language. Nepalese people are always so keen to teach their languages to foreigners and willing to learn English with you too.

10) Friends for Life

As soon as you come as guests, it’s pretty sure that you will be a friend for life with them. You will get something common with your hosts. They also love to meet new people. Here, you can live their life in the same way they are living, so there is a greater chance to make friends that give you a very good excuse to return.

11) Exchange of Ideas

Staying in a very distinct and rural country miles away from your homeland might be a cultural shock. Here, you can explain to the people like in what aspect your life is different. We recommend you to be humble because normally Nepalese people are so simple and most of them may not know about the way you are living.  There’s nothing better than swapping ideas with your hosts.


Nepal is in the early set of Visit Nepal Year, 2020 and expecting to host around 2 million tourists from all over the globe. Hence, if you are looking forward to visiting this masterpiece of Shangri La, then you can visit Nepal via Osho Adventure and Trekking Top Nepal.

After reading the blog, I hope you get a clear idea of why we should choose homestays in Nepal instead of hotels.

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